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3D Model of barn at Passenham Manor

3D Models of Barn Frames and roof trusses

Many barns look alike from the outside. It is only when you get inside that you see the complexity and beauty of their roof or frame.

I often make models of the frame only without bothering with the roof and cladding, which would only hide the beauty within.

3D Model of the Wool Barn at Frampton on Severn

Frindsbury Manor barn

Frampton Wool Barn

St. Barnabas Centre

3D Model of the Great Barn at Alciston

Alciston Great Barn

3D Model of Barn at Court Lodge Farm, Lenham, Kent

Court Lodge Barn

3D Model of Wanborough Tithe Barn

Wanborough Tithe Barn

Manor Barn

3D model of St. Barnabas Centre, Thurley

Titchfield Abbey Barn