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3D Barn Models

I have been using Google Sketchup to draw 3D models of the barns I have visited for some time. It helps me to understand some of the detail of the structure of each individual barn.

The models can be uploaded and shared on a site called “3D Warehouse” where you can also search for and download useful components such as doors, hinges, windows etc.

The latest version allows you to embed the models on your own web pages. I have done this with one or two barns on my main site, but I thought it might be useful and interesting to have all my models in one place with links from the individual barn pages.

As you will see, the program also allows you to see the models in perspective or isometric view and to export views as 2D pictures in .jpg format.  This means that you can produce elevations and plans from the one model.

On this page is an example of a simple 3 bay box-frame barn. You can interact with the model by dragging with you mouse, to turn the model, and scrolling, to zoom in and out. If you click on the double arrow at the top right-hand corne it will go to full screen. Clicking on “3D Warehouse” will take you to the site where you can download this and many other models.

Perspective drawing of
3  bay box-frame barn

Plan of 3 bay box-frame barn

Interactive model of 3 bay box-frame barn