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Ken’s Great Barns

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Hampshire Barns

Basing House Great Barn

Beaulieu Abbey Great Barn

Cross Barn - Odiham

Rockbourne Manor Barn

Titchfield Abbey Barn

Hampshire lies between the uplands of the West Country and the Downs of the South-East so it is very varied in agriculture and building material.

The barns I have visited reflect this variety. The Great Barn at Beaulieu St. Leonards was a very high status building, constructed from imported limestone. Titchfield Abbey Barn started off as a timber-framed building, but was then cased in brick and flint taken from the demolished abbey. The Great Barn at Basing House was built from hand-made brick, a new high status material in the Tudor period. The barn at Rockbourne Manor is constructed from a variety of materials, repaired and added to over its history.

Titchfield Abbey

Butser Ancient Farm

Netley Abbey

Great Hall
& Round Table

Bishop’s Palace

An excellent booklet on the
Historic Farm Buildings of Hampshire  
can be downloaded as a .pdf file (click  the image on the left).

Barns at Manor Farm,
Country Park

Barns at Upton Park Farm,

Manor Barns

Barn at Manor Farm,
Old Burghclere