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Ken’s Great Barns

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Barwick Manor Barns

Hertfordshire Barns

Harpendenbury Farm Barn

Kingsbury Manorial Barn

Saint Barnabas Centre

Waterend Barn St. Alban’s

Barn at Wymondley Priory

Croxley Great Barn

In Hertfordshire, the early barns are predominantly timber-framed, aisled barns. There are a number of fine medieval barns, including six which originally belonged to St. Alban’s Abbey, one of the largest groups of extant grange barns.

Unfortunatley none of the barns I visited are generally open to the public, except for Waterend Barn. However one of the St. Alban’s barns which was located at St Julians was dismantled and is now awaiting reconstruction at Chiltern Open Air Museum.