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Barn @ Studley

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Frampton Wool Barn

The box-frame barn is very common all across the Midlands. Like post and truss construction, the box-frame barn is a very basic design, it is very attractive from the outside. The numerous posts and beams of the box-frame break up the face of the barn into a pleasing pattern which can be enhanced by a variety of infills; wattle and daub, brick in a variety of patterns, and brick and plaster are all used in different areas.

Sketchup model
of a 3 bay box-frame barn

Unfortunately because of its aesthetic appeal and because it is easy to insert doors and windows into this type of frame, it is one of the most frequently converted into a dwelling. Although we can admire them from outside there are few box-frame barns open to the public.

Box-frame Barns

Barn at Hope Farm Edvin Loach