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New Builds

Penistone Market Hall

There are still people who exercise the old skills of the barn builders and there are still people who appreciate the beauties of these great buildings to commission them.

So far I have managed to visit five of these new barns. The most impressive were the new market hall in Penistone, Yorkshire and the Chithurst Forest Monastery in Sussex. The meditation hall is based directly on a  timber-framed aisled barn.

The other three are slightly smaller. At Acton Scott Working Farm Museum, they have built a new timber-framed, aisled barn as a visitor centre. At the Green Wood Centre in Coalbrookdale they have built a new cruck-frame barn as a shop and in Appletrewick in North Yorkshire, the landlord of the Craven Arms pub built a cruck-frame barn as a restaurant at the back of the pub.

Interior of the restaurant at the Craven Arms, Appletreewick

Interior of the aisled barn at
Acton Scott Working Farm Museum

Left & Above: cruck-frame barn at the Green Wood Centre