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Sydling St. Nicholas Tithe Barn, Dorset

Titchfield Abbey Barn, Hampshire

Alciston Great Barn, Sussex

Denny Abbey, Cambridgeshire

East Riddlesden Hall Barns, Yorkshire

Gunthwaite Hall Barn, Yorkshire

Shibden Hall, Yorkshire

Whiston Manorial Barn, Yorkshire

Wycoller Barn, Lancashire

Great Coxwell Grange Barn, Oxfordshire

Exceat, Sussex

Middle Littleton Tithe Barn, Worcestershire

Bredon Tithe Barn,

Saddlescombe Sussex

Chilley Farm, Sussex

Siddington Tithe Barn, Gloucestershire

The two barns on the right have only one pair of aisle posts at each end so may equally be regarded as barns with raised-cruck roofs

Stone-built Aisled Barns