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Westenhanger Castle Barn

Waxham Great Barn

The barns in this section are mass-built stone barns, ie there is no framing in the walls which are solid masonry. The walls and gable-ends carry the weight of the roof. Stone barns can be built from “coursed rubble”, where the stones are only roughly shaped and laid in courses; from ashlar where the stone is squared and laid more evenly or from materials like flint wich usually requires brick or stone quoins to reinforce the corners, and window and door apertures.

I have divided the stone barns into two groups, those with raised-cruck roofs and those with tie-beam trusses. Raised crucks are like base crucks but instead of springing from a low plinth or wooden wall-sill begin near the top of the wall. These raised-cruck roofs present some of the most majestic barn interiors.

The two barns on the right do not fit into either of these categories; the barn at Westenhanger Castle has a hammer-beam roof and the Great Barn at Waxham seems to have some sort of proto-hammer-beam truss.

Interior Waxham Great Barn

Raised-cruck Trusses
(Pilton Tithe Barn)

Stone Barns

Sketchup perspective drawing
of raised-crucks in Glastonbury Abbey Barn

Sketchup diagram of raised-crucks embedded in upper part of the wall
(Bradford-on Avon Tithe Barn)

Sketchup diagram of hammer-beams