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Chiltern Open Air Museum

Chiltern Open Air Museum is home to four barns, with a fifth (a medieval aisled barn originally belonging to St. Alban’s Abbey) awaiting reconstruction.

Arborfield Barn is a cruck-frame barn from Arborfield. It was originally built about 1500 and clearly shows the building method.

Hill Farm Barn is part of the traditional farmyard with a wagon shed and granary nearby. It is a typical Chiltern barn of post and truss construction on a brick plinth. It has a central midstrey with a wagon porch facing on to the farmyard. Outshuts have been built on either side of the porch to accommodate carts and other equipment.


Skipping Barn was part of the farm where the Museum has been established. I t is a typical Chiltern Barn with a high brick plinth.  It is of post & truss construction, without aisles.

It is clad in weatherboard with a clay tile roof. At one end is a hay loft.  It also houses the Hawk and Owl Trust’s National Conservation and Education Centre.

Northolt Barn is a hay barn rescued from a farm in Middlesex. It does not have a midstrey, since hay is not threshed.

Northolt Barn

Arborfield Barn

Skipping Barn

Hill Farm Barn

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