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Cholsey Barns

The original, medieval Great Barn at Cholsey Manor no longer exists. It was, at the time, even bigger than either the great barn at Ter Doest or the one at Beaulieu St. Leonards.

It was 51 feet (16 m) high, 54 feet (16 m) wide and over 300 feet (91 m) long. It was demolished in about 1815 and replaced by the more “modern” set of three barns which stand more or less on its footprint.

They are built from flint and brick although some of the footings appear to be the stone plinth wall of the original medieval barn. The roof trusses are triangular with collar beams between the principal rafters. One of the barns still contains the drive belts and pulleys for the grain elevators and other machinery.

At right angles to this set of barns is a seventeenth century timber-framed, aisled barn, now divided into two and converted into offices. The farm is next to the medieval church, which is also worth a visit.