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Ken’s Great Barns - Places to Visit

Burwell Museum of Fen-edge Life

Burwell Museum is one of the smallest open-air museums, but also one of the best organised that we have visited. It is very sharply focussed on fen-edge life and Burwell village. It is staffed by volunteers, so unfortunately it is only open on Thursdays, Sundays and Bank-holiday Mondays. Click on the poster on the left to go to the website.

The two most interesting buildings from my point of view were the eighteenth century barn and Stevens’ Mill. The former has been moved to the museum from its original location, but the latter stands on its original site on the footprint of an even earlier mill.

All the buildings are close together and
all the exhibits are well labelled

The farm machinery display contains some of the earlier machines which eventually led to the combine-harvester and the demise of the threshing barn.

The thresing barn contains a number of tableaux, including this one of the farming year.

The eighteenth century threshing barn with the windmill in the background

There is also a blacksmith’s forge and
a wheelwright’s workshop.

Map of Burwell