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Burwell Museum of Fen Edge Life

The museum at Burwell is fairly small but includes Stevens’ Mill, a windmill just outside the main group of buildings. ”Opened in 1992, it is housed in a collection of different period and period style agricultural buildings. Some are reconstructed from other sites, such as the 18th century timber-framed barn, and others are built in the local style using mainly reclaimed materials, such as the wagon sheds/granary display area.

The displays are set out as 'scenes' (rather like stage sets) with many individual artefacts making each display, in order to give visitors a better idea of how, where and when items were used.

Themes and exhibits include agriculture, period rooms and household items, military life, a blacksmith's shop, a reconstruction of a Roman potter's workshop, Victorian school room, vintage vehicles, carts and farm equipment.” (Wikipedia)