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Oakfield Barn, Worcestershire

When we go on our “barn hunting” trips we go by unclassified roads as much as possible. It is fine as long as you are prepared to occasionally get lost among networks of roads without signposts. I am often surprised at how rural Britain still is. Although about half of the barns we see are now converted to dwellings or other purposes, there are still many which are surprisingly original and intact.

We came across this lovely barn on one of our trips into Worcestershire. It is a typical box frame barn very similar to those at Wichenford Manor and Kyre. Note the low wall between each bay, the braces to the wall posts,the central support posts to the tie beams and the raked struts to the purlins. Although he has planning permission for a conversion, the owner currently intends to keep it as it is except for necessary repairs.