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Miss Jackson’s Barn, Borrans Field, Cumbria

This large bank barn was built on a small rise just north of the ruins of Galava Roman Fort in Borrans Field, Ambleside, Cumbria and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the stones in the barn came from the fort. A date stone over the door on the winnowing floor is inscribed 'Miss J Jackson 1831', hence the name of the barn. The upper floor may have also been used to store hay which would be delivered via a chute to the lower floor to feed the cattle in the winter.

Below the winnowing floor is a shippon to accommodate cattle. The disposition of doorways on the ground floor suggests a central feeding passage with mucking out doors at the end of the front wall or in the gable wall.  From the number of doors and windows in the shippon and the porch running along the front it was probably used for milking as well.

The upper floor seen from the road.

The two floors viewed from the south-west.

The two floors viewed from the north-west.