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Kingsbury Manorial Barn

Kingsbury Manorial Barn in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, is one of several surviving timber-framed, aisled barns which originally belonged to St. Alban’s Abbey.

Although it lost one aisle (probably in the eighteenth century) it is still a fine building.  The wagon porch is contemporary with the building of the barn in 1374, which is unusual as most of the wagon porches on early barns are later additions.

The barn was restored by the present owners in 2007. The aisle posts on one side are now wall posts, but many of the original doublebraces to the tie beams survive. There are collar beams between the common rafters, supported by crown posts. The frame stand on a lw brick plinth wall. The barn is sometimes used for community events and may be open during Heritage Open Days in September.