Barns in Cosby, Leicestershire

Cosby is one of the Leicestershire villages which retains its pre-enclosure layout with three barns still standing on the streets.

Cosby House barn has a date of 1766 in the gable. But the pitch of the roof has been altered and the timber frame is not complete, so this may be the date of the alterations.

The tithe barn by the church was formerly known as Coates barn from the owners at the time but is now a deli-cafe “The Tithe Barn”. Click on the image to go to my “Cosby Tithe Barn” page.

Nook farm barn appears to be eighteenth century, but it may be on the  footprint of an earlier barn. It has doors in the upper walls for access to hay lofts and was probably mixed use.

Cosby House Barn

Cosby Tithe Barn

Barn at Nook Farm

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