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Newhouse Grange Barn

Newhouse Grange was a grange of nearby Merevale Abbey. The great barn, built in 1506, is probably the largest in Leicestershire. It is 44 metres long and 11 metres high. It is a timber-framed aisled barn with six major trusses dividing it into five bays with a half bay at each end. It has a tiled, half-hipped roof with gablets but may originally have been thatched.

The half bay at the eastern end is cased in stone and has a loft at first floor level which may have been for the reeve or granger. Some of it is now encased in brick and it is surrounded by modern farm buildings, so it is difficult to get a view of the outside, but the interior is magnificent. Many modifications have been made over the years, the latest being walls between the bays to facilitate grain storage, but the medieval timber frame is still almost complete with arched braces to the aisle posts and raked struts supporting an upper collar.