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Barn at Castle Rising

While visiting the castle at Castle Rising in Norfolk I noticed a large barn just outside the ramparts. When we went to look more closely we found it was a showroom for Unique Gifts and Interiors, so we went in for a look around. The manageress said I could take photographs of the roof structure as long as none of the products were in the frame.

The barn was older than I thought at first and was very similar in structure to the barns at Godwick Manor and Waxham. It had the same alternate tie-beams and hammer beams. Carpenters’ marks were visible on some of the braces.

Curved braces support the tie-beams with queen posts directly above their ends.

The curved braces are anchored by a stub against
the wall as at Waxham
and Godwick Manor.

Carpenters’ marks identified which parts
of each joint in the frame fitted together.