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The Barn Theatre, Bretforton Grange,

The barn at Bretforton Grange belonged to one of the eight granges of Evesham Abbey as did Middle Littleton Tithe Barn. It was built in about 1450 and was originally 11 bays long and measured about 150 feet long by about 24 feet wide. Two bays at the western end collapsed and were replaced by a cart shed in the eighteenth or nineteenth century. Nearby is a large, square, fifteenth century dovecote.

In 1977 actor James Wellman and his partner chef David Swift bought the medieval grange. In 1979 they opened a theatre in the long gallery, holding suppers in the undercroft. In the 1980s they bought the derelict barns next to the grange to convert into a 180 seat theatre. The conversion was designed by F.W.B. Charles working closely with James and David and Theatre Consultant James Sargant, a key person in the RSC, who was responsible for the development of the Swan Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. The interior has been enhanced with art works by David Swift and the outbuildings and barn have been linked together to form an attractive suite of rooms for dinners and receptions. See their website for events.