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Stone Barns

The map on the right shows the location of the main building stones in England. South east of a line from Bristol to the Wash there is very little useable stone and here the main barn type is timber -framed.

I have divided the stone barns into four groups: aisled, stone barns; those with triangular trusses; those with raised cruck or arched braced trusses and others. Cruck barns have their own category

The map top right shows the line between the area of good building stone in the North, The Midlands, the West & South-West and the area of poor building stone in the East & South-East.

Stone Barns with
Arched Braced or
Raised Cruck Trusses

Aisled Stone Barns

Stone Barns with

Northern Aisled Stone Barns

Other Stone Barns