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Doulting Manor Barn

Doulting Manor was a grange of Glastonbury Abbey. The barn is one of four surviving barns belonging to that abbey. It is still a working farm. The large quarry nearby was part of the manor and has been worked since at least the Medieval period. I is the source of much of the stone for the area.

The barn has the same fine ashlar stone walls and raised-cruck roof as the other Glastonbury barns. A significant difference is that it has two large wagon porches facing the manor farmhouse. It is eight bays long, one bay longer than Glastonbury Abbey Barn and Pilton Tithe Barn.

Inside, the barn is divided in two with the right hand midstrey forming a passageway into a later farmyard. It has raised-cruck roof trusses. In places these have been re-inforced with tie-beams and raked struts supported on a brick pillar.