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Heage Hall Cruck Barn, Derbyshire

When I visited this barn in derbyshire, both the farmhouse and the barn were almost completely overgrown with ivy, weeds and bushes. The farmer was happy for me to photograph the barn but told me there was no way he could afford to repair and restore it, so it is quite likely that this barn will soon go the way of many others like it.

The stone cladding is gradually collapsing and the 1950s, asbestos, tile roof has numerous holes in it, hastening the decay of the barn. But the interior still retains two, late fifteenth century crucks resting on padstones. They have large cambered ties, high collars and a yoked ridge holding a substantial, original ridge beam. The roof also has the original, staggered purlins at collar-beam level. The collapsed gable-end has been patched with old doors.