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Waxham Great Barn, Norfolk

Waxham Great Barn in Norfolk was built about 1570, shortly after the Dissolution of the Monasteries. It in fact includes materials from three local monasteries. It was built by the Woodhouses in a bout of rivalry with other great Norfolk landowners.

The barn is part of a large farm complex. Wings have been added on both ends to both sides, so that it now forms an H shape. The rear of the barn faces onto the present farm yard. Wagons would have entered the barn through the front high doors and exited via the lower rear doors. There are three entrances and exits. The barn is 178 feet long with brick, flint and stone walls and a thatched roof. Inside it is divided into 19 bays of alternate queen strut and hammer-beam trusses. The hammer-beams appear to be sawn off tie beams. The barn and tea room are open to the public during the Summer.