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Ely Monastic Barn

There used to be two Great Barns in Ely. The Sextry Barn was a stone building 219 ft. 6 in. long by 39 ft. 5 in. wide internally. It was an aisled barn with two midstreys and porches on the north side. It dated from the middle of the thirteenth century, and was destroyed in 1842.

The barn and storehouse of the Monastery was built circa 1575. It stands to the south of Ely Porta, which was built towards the end of the sixteenth century. It has 7 bays. The eastern part, of 5 bays, was used as a granary and the western part as a storehouse. It is now the refectory and offices for the King’s School

Above: the upper story of the Monastic Barn  Below: crown post roof (detail)