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Kyre Park Great Barn

The great barn at Kyre Park was built about 1618 by William Harrison of Bromsgrove for Sir Edward Pytts the then lord of the manor. It is constructed from handmade brick on sandstone rubble base; plain tiled roof with stepped parapets and finials at gable ends.

It has 10 bays aligned east/west, totalling 130 feet in length. There are two wagon bays with opposed cart entries situated in fourth and seventh bays from west end. The smaller north entries have been blocked. There are single-bay wings with roofs slightly lower in height than the main range projecting from the second and ninth bays on the south side.

There are brick buttresses with offsets at the bay divisions along the north elevation and flanking the central bay on the south side. There are two tiers of ventilation slits throughout and a mezzanine floor (possibly a former hay loft) at one end. It is now an antique shop and cafe.