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New Builds

As vernacular buildings such as barns and country cottages are gradually being lost to the ravages of time and weather, so an increasing effort is being made to preserve what is left. One result of this has been the development of the heritage building trade with an increase in the numbers of timber frame carpenters, thatchers, stone masons etc.

One by-product of this and earlier developments such as the Arts & Crafts movement has been the commissioning of new buildings in a traditional style. Apart from such fashions as “Tudorbethan” or “Stock Brokers Tudor” there have also been genuine efforts to create new buildings inspired by earlier structures. Since the traditional threshing barn provides a large enclosed space and its structure is not hidden by wall coverings, ceilings etc. it fits very well with modern concepts of “honest” architecture. This section features some of the “new builds” I have visited.

Chithurst Meditation Hall

Penistone Market Hall