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Post & Truss Construction

Post and truss construction is the simplest and may be the oldest style of construction. A simple box is made with posts fitted into the ground sills, although they may have been earth-fast originally. There are usually braces at the corners although they may be replaced with “knees” to give more internal space. The posts are joined by tie-beams and wall plates and then the trusses are mounted on top.

The style of truss will vary with time and place. It is found in both predominantly stone and predominatly timber building areas since it is quite economical in its use of timber and the walls can be clad or infilled with a variety of materials. This design is distinguished from the box-frame by having only one or no transverse members in the walls.


corner post

wall plinth


wall sill

centre rail

end truss

principal rafter

raked strut

A fine post & truss barn at
Pitstone Green Farm Museum in Hertfordshire.

A post & truss barn in Suffolk with
arched braces replaced by knee joints.